Licensing & Use

Non-Exclusive License-$4.95

Downloadable mp3 file @320kbps for 1 profitable commercial and 1 non-proft use i.e. mixtape, radio show, TV, album, etc… Distribution limit of 2000 copies. This license provides 100% royalty free use. Once purchased, your track will be able for instant download.

Track Outs-$39.95

Downloadable Studio Quality wav file, fully mixed and tracked out. This is perfect for artist looking for a quality sound in their final mix. 1 profitable commercial and 1 non-proft use i.e. mixtape, radio show, TV, album, etc… Distribution limit of 10000 copies. This license provides 100% royalty free use. Just email us the track you wish to have tracked out, and we will invoice you through Paypal and email you a private download link. PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS.

Exclusive License-$Email for quote

This is recommended for artist seeking life-time rights to the track. This option is for the artist on a budget who is signed to either a major label or an independent. As with the tracked out process, please contact us for pricing. Once completed, we render all rights to the track, and remove it from sell on our website.



Why use JSE

To be a great producer, DJ, beat creator or whatever you want to call, it takes more than a great ear for music or desire for fame; it takes passion for what you do. We have been creating, mixing, and producing music for over 15 years spanning all genres of music.

We pride ourselves on great service, great music and professional integrity. Don’t hear anything you like but some tracks are close? Contact us for your custom beat. All voice tags are removed at purchase on all licensing levels.


 Top Reasons why to choose JSE


Quality is the most important attribute in music: lyrics, production and of course the actual instrumental.  The quality of beats are exceptional. From the instrumentation, the layering and the sound, these instrumental beats are of the highest quality.


Unlike most site’s where you can purchase instrumental beats from God knows who, instrumental beats all come from the same producer.  Why is this important?
What happens if that person is impossible to find, and you need to make a change right away? There is no need be concerned about having a song go mainstream, and get burnt with  With JSE, you are dealing with a professional producer, and contact/communication is very simple and fast.

Peace of mind

All beats are 100% original. There are no samples that need cleared as all instrumentation is original every time.


Lastly, this site has a large  collection of instrumentals that can rival any place on the web. JSE is constantly uploading new beats daily which means you will be able to constantly create new works of art for years to come.